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A business will always need customers whether it is to maintain the business or enjoy further growth. Without customers, a business would not exist. Businesses are looking for ways that they can get more customers. Some use internal specialists while others outsource them. Although these are strategic ways to attract more customers, there are other uncommon ways used by businesses and are effective.

  • Go Smaller

Some businesses believe that going big is the only way they can attract more and ‘enough’ customers. This is not always the case since one can go small and still attract more customers. For example, instead of selling one product for a lot of money, you can make a choice to sell many but at a more affordable cost.

  • Don’t Show Customers that you Badly Need Them

When you are doing your marketing, avoid talking too much about how well the business is doing, how you have been closing deals in the recent past or how you are going to change the world. When you show new customers that you are in dire need of their help, they may start doubting the quality of your services and products. Instead of increasing sales, you will be taking your business further down the drain.

  • Keep a Competitor Analysis

This sounds interesting and like a lot of work to do. However much research and work is involved in this, it has its own advantages. This analysis have to be updated whenever there is a change in the market. Consider customer reviews, customer experience and their prices. Once you have done this, define your competitive advantage and how you are going to execute your marketing strategies. There are actually tools that you can use to guide you through this

  • Give Customers More Than They Bargained for

In most cases, you will find businesses doing right the opposite of this. They deliver less value than the customers bargained for. This might sound as if it will cost the business more but it is a sure way to keep customers coming back. A customer will always be excited when their expectations are exceeded. This is something that will boost the loyalty of your customers and they will spread the word about your business.

The uncommon ways of attracting customers are some of the strategies that most businesses avoid but when implemented correctly, they can be effective. Giving customers more value than what they pay for, keeping a competitor analysis and going smaller are some of the ways you can keep customers coming back.